Create a Branded Domain in 4 Easy Steps Published on July 16, 2022

How Do You Create a Branded Domain?

To make a branded domain, you can use a link management tool or a content management system (CMS). A link management platform can create a vanity URL for a web address. Using a CMS may require a redirect plugin to create a link that will serve as a vanity URL.

A vanity URL should align with your brand. Lindsay Pedersen, a brand strategist and author of Forging an Ironclad Brand – A Leader’s Guide, explains, “Every brand communication, including vanity URLs, is an opportunity to reinforce the relationship with your audiences. All elements should work in concert rather than in isolation. That way, everyone and everything plays from the same songbook, with all words and tonality governed by a unified brand strategy.”


How to Make a Vanity URL Using

Before you can start creating your vanity URL with, you’ll need to sign up for the plan that best fits your needs. Our paid plans offer a custom domain which can help you with your vanity URL. Once you purchase a account, you can create a vanity domain that you can use as the basis of your vanity URLs. Here’s how to make a vanity domain and a vanity URL in a few simple steps using

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click Branded Domains. (This option is only available if your subscribtion allows this feature.)

3. If you have a domain already, click the blue + Add Domain in the upper right corner and click the orange Next button. Note: You will need to configure your DNS. If you don’t have a vanity domain, please register one using a domain registrat such as Dynadot or GoDaddy.

4. Start shortening links using your custom domain.

Why You Should Create Your Branded Domains with

Creating and monitoring vanity URLs is effortless with You can easily customize your vanity URLs’ front and back portions with the right plan. Use to track the data on every click, tap, and swipe, including total clicks, referral traffic, and location information. You can even track and monitor campaigns using the platform. integrates with nearly every social media and digital marketing tool so that you can share to all your social media sites directly from This time-saving step helps you meet performance goals faster. Since never reuses or modifies links, you can consider your vanity URL redirects permanent. 

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